24 February 2014


The Scanian Football Federation (abbreviated SFF) was founded 5 April 2010. The organization was founded by Keyo Ghettson. The Scanian Football Federation became a member of the N.F.-Board 10 April 2011. The N.F.-Board is an umbrella association for nations, regions and ethnic minorities unaffiliated with FIFA. VIVA World Cup is an international football tournament organized by the N.F.-Board. Other international non-FIFA tournaments are Europeada and CONIFA World Football Cup.

Skåneland is a historical and cultural region in Southern Scandinavia. Skåneland consists of the four provinces Scania, Halland, Blekinge and Bornholm. The purpose of the organization is to put together a Scanian team that will play international matches against other national, regional and minority teams. The long-term objective is to participate with a Scanian team in one of the aforementioned tournaments.

The Scanian team consists of players from all over the region. Skåneland played their first official match against Southern Schleswig 21 July 2013. The match was played in Öja outside Ystad in Southeastern Scania. The game ended 0 - 0. Skåneland dominated the match but were not able to score. In the 40th minute one of the Scanian players shot the ball so that it hit the inside of Southern Schleswig's right goal post.


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